Best Practices for the Effective Use of board of directors portal software

The boards must conduct online meetings for the company to work effectively remotely. For many industries, such meetings have become a routine. But for the corporate management sector, online meetings are a new format. So, what are the best practices for using board portals? We prepared a brief overview of technical solutions.

Board software: confidential board meetings for any company

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has already been dubbed the year of virtual events. After all, thousands of summits and conferences were canceled almost worldwide, and now their organizers are hastily testing tools for moving events online. In many companies, all or part of office meetings has replaced communication in instant messengers and video conferencing tools. A board meeting is not an exception. The collegial bodies of many companies move their business processes into the online format with the help of board portals. 

In addition to a standard video call session, board of directors portal software allows you to share your screen for collaboration. You can also communicate and share files with colleagues in general chats. Data – video with sound, an audio file, correspondence – will be stored in the cloud for 10 years, allowing you to return to them years later.

Cloud video conferencing and board portal solutions are in demand by large and small businesses communication services. Board software solutions have an advantage over other players in the cloud segment with extensive customer bases because they are based on effective security measures.

Best practices of using board portals in the business sphere

Each area of business activity develops its rhythm and requirements for holding meetings. Still, the super-goal of each form is strategic planning, motivation of each team member, providing an opportunity to be heard, and improving the interaction between employees. All these demands are organically combined in a board portal software that is a universal solution for secure business collaboration.

So, board software ensures the following useful capabilities for collegial bodies:

  • Productivity increase. When a person is in comfortable conditions, his efficiency is much higher. According to Appollo Technical, on average, those who work from home are 47% more productive than colleagues who work from the office.
  • Improved interaction between participants – compared to an audio call. From a psychological point of view, eye contact allows you to understand each other better. Japanese scientists conducted an experiment in which the participants recorded the synchronization of brain activity at the intersection of views, which suggests that eye contact significantly affects the development of social interactions.
  • Automation of routine operations. Creating a meeting is also possible using the Action Wizard, which prompts the user for the information needed to run the meeting. Depending on the selected parameters, the wizard is used to reserve a room, send a meeting for approval, and generate an agenda and minutes using the document designer.
  • Collaboration tools and task management within a meeting. Manage multiple projects within one board team, and connect geographically distributed offices into one working environment. All members instantly receive notifications via mail and have simultaneous access to project files following the access role. Board members discuss and attach screenshots, images, tables, documents, and code to the meeting card. The discussion history is saved and can be provided as a reference for a project or individual task. Email notifications can be turned off.