Virtual Data Room Cost Comparison

Data Room Cost

Virtual Data Rooms are state-of-the-art solutions used during financial transactions and help in document management and other processes. Indeed VDRs offer a lot of features that are useful and increase the productivity of the company, but how much does it cost for companies to use this miracle tool? In this article, we’ll explain what VDR pricing depends on and compare the prices of the most popular data room vendors.

Virtual Data Room pricing structure

Different vendors follow different pricing methods, and usually, the cost per VDR space is determined by the following factors:

  • Page-by-page pricing method

This is one of the most popular pricing methods. Vendors price their product per month based on how many pages of the document have been loaded into the space. Typically, users pay up to $1 per page. This method can be beneficial for small businesses with small projects and a precise number of documents uploaded, but for larger companies and projects this pricing is more likely to be detrimental.

  • Price per user

Other vendors base their pricing on the number of additional users. Each VDR has its user limits and prices for additional invited users, but generally speaking VDRs with this type of pricing will cost you from $100 to $250 per administrative user. Here it’s important to clarify how many users can use a VDR at no extra cost.

  • Storage size

Another method of charging for VDRs is based on the number of GB provided to your company. This pricing is divided into two options: either you pay for a fixed number of gigabytes or the provider can specify a range of storage and charge extra for the excess. An extra GB can cost you up to $75.  In that case, it will be a benefit for companies with a small weight of text files.

  • Fixed monthly fee

This method, similar to the Internet or cell phone plans, gives you certain features for a certain price.  These VDRs cost up to $1000 per month. Providers with this type of pricing help companies avoid unknowingly or uncontrollably wasting money so they can focus more on the business at hand.

Comparing the price of the most popular VDRs

The most popular data rooms by far are DealRoom, FirmRoom, IntraLinks, iDeals, and Firmex. Of course, this is not a complete list, but now we will do a virtual data room cost comparison based on these vendors:

  • DealRoom – The plan is based on a flat rate and there is a $500 charge per project. An unlimited number of users is provided, but the amount of data is limited. Rate plans are divided into basic, professional, and unlimited
  • FirmRoom – Provider also offers a fixed rate, but the payment per project costs $250. The number of users is not limited, but the amount of data has limits. The rate plan is divided into standard, business plan, and unlimited
  • IntraLinks – the price is based on the number of pages, the approximate price of $ 7,500 for 10,000 pages. The price per project is $75. The amount of data is limited, but the number of users is without any limits. There is only one payment offer
  • iDeals is a provider offering monthly payments ($175 per month) and the price for a project is no more or less than $1000. VDR is limited both by the number of users and the amount of data
  • Firmex – flat rate, pay $3000 for six months at a time and get 3GB of storage. The price per project is also $3,000. An unlimited number of users, but data limitations.